Cauldron VTT


As a Dungeon Master, you can create multiple campaigns. They are easy accessible for your players. Users create their own character with a few clicks. Besides a character token image, only the name and a few parameters required for battle calculations are needed.
Cauldron has a clear interface. Since it's fully web based, all you need is a browser. A right mouse click on a token gives a menu with multiple options to interact with it.
An easy-to-use combat system that uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules allows the players and Dungeon Master to fully focus on the game itself. You can easily add enemies to the combat list, roll for initiative and show who has the first turn. You can tell who's next, add new opponents or remove opponents or players from the combat via a single click or command. Right-clicking a token shows a menu, which holds options for damage, healing and all that is needed for the combat.
A sidebar shows messages and a command bar at the bottom allows users to enter several commands to control objects, the battle or the game. It can also be used to send messages to all players or to send a secret message to a single player. Cauldron contains a journal which players can use to write down notes, which are shared between all players.
Besides all the tokens, Cauldron also allows to create visual effects on the map on the fly, like fire, poison gas, smoke or magic portals.
While creating a map, the Dungeon Master can hide objects within tokens, ready for the players to be found. The Inventory window keeps track of all the items that have been found.
You can create your own token library in Cauldron. This allows you to easily and quickly fill your maps with monsters and objects, by simply dragging them from your library onto your map.
A map can contain walls, doors and windows. You can use this to limit where players can walk or what they can see.

Cauldron has an easy to use fog of war system. It has three modus. A day mode, in which players can see until a wall or closed door blocks sight. A night mode, in which the player's sight is also limited to how far that character can see (night vision). In this mode, you can use lights to illuminate areas on the map. The last mode is the manually reveal mode, in which the Dungeon Master removes the fog of war in a paint-like way.

You can place zones on a map, which can be used to mark an area, for example for a spell effect. The Dungeon Master can attach a script to a zone to make his/her life easier. A typical use for such script is when you have a battle map that contains two or more floors of a building and a character needs to be moved when it walks up or down a stairway.
Creating your own map or finding the right one on the internet can take quite some time. To overcome that problem, Cauldron VTT allows you to draw on the map. Use the empty grid map that comes with Cauldron and start drawing. Just like using felt pens on a real grid map on a table, you can create your map within a few minutes. It all depends of course on how much detail you want to put into your map, but this is an example of what can be done. You can add your own textures and effects to give the map more style.
In the Adventure Market, you can find several ready-to-use adventures. It has the famous introductory adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver, the Curse of Strahd adventure and many short adventures that can be found on the internet. The maps contain all the walls, windows and doors required for Cauldron VTT's fog of war feature.
Learning a VTT can sometimes be challenging. To help you with that, Cauldron VTT has Cauldey. Although it's just a CR 0 tiny beast, Cauldey knows a lot about Cauldron VTT. By pointing to the right buttons, he guides you through all the steps that are needed to create your first adventure. He also helps you to learn about all the other options that are available for you as a dungeon master.