Cauldron VTT

Privacy statement

Cauldon VTT's goal is to provide you with a tool to play Dungeon's & Dragons or any other role playing game online. Nothing more, nothing less. User information is never shared with anyone, no matter what. Cauldron VTT asks for your name (which you may fake), so you can be introduced properly when you join a session. The e-mail address is requested, so you can request a password in case you've forgotten yours.

The website and web server collect IP addresses in log files for the sole purpose of enabling me to take action in the event of errors or problems with the website or in case of hacking attempts. This website runs on a private server, so old log data is only deleted at random times. In practice this is a few times a year. The basis for this processing is the 'legitimate interest' as referred to in GDPR Article 6 (1) f, as indicated in GDPR recital 49.

Hugo Leisink
creator and maintainer of Cauldron VTT